Programming Projects


All Java-based projects are released under the GNU Public Licence (GPL), and are free to download, share and modify. All modified versions must also be released under the GPL.

[PHP] [JavaScript]

All PHP- or JavaScript-based projects are released into the public domain. You are free to use or adapt them for whatever purpose you wish.

SimpleLife   [Java] [Mobile App]

Conway's Game of Life is a cellular automaton based on a few extremely simple rules, that nonetheless exhibits intriguing behaviours that have been compared to bacteria in a petri dish.

SimpleLife is an implementation of Conway's Game of Life for J2ME mobile phone. It also supports the related 'HiLife' automaton, and any other variation on Conway's basic rules.

Mobile Sokoban   [Java] [Mobile App]

Sokoban is a classic block-pushing puzzle where you can push, but not pull, a single block at a time around a warehouse. Your goal is to get all blocks into the designated target squares. A simple concept that can be harder than it sounds!

Mobile Sokoban is an implementation for J2ME mobile phone. The graphics are basic, but it should work on any screen size, as well as in black and white. After you finish each level, your progress will be saved, allowing you to jump to this level any time in the future.

Quick & Dirty XML Handler   [Java]

The aim of this project is to create a simple and intuitive mapping between XML elements and Java objects. It parses XML elements into "Plain Old Java Objects", using 'set' methods for attributes of that element, and 'add' methods for any sub-elements.

The Quick & Dirty XML Handler was implemented using nothing more complex than the inbuilt Java SAX parser and a lot of reflection.

Wikitext-to-HTML editor   [Java]

This project allows you to edit a file using wiki-style markup, and then preview and export it as HTML. Simple password protection is also implemented.

Source available to download — currently dependent on the Bliki-in-a-jar project .jar file.

Collapsible List   [JavaScript] [Prototype]

This project allows a large, nested list to be augmented with clickable elements that the user can use to collapse or expand arbitrary portions of the list. A number of javascript methods are also provided allowing the list to be collapsed entirely, expanded entirely, or collapsed to a specific depth.

Collapsible List is based on the Prototype library.

PHP/JavaScript Clicker   [PHP] [JavaScript]

Clicker allows you to create a quick click-through sequence of images or similar content — it is what is used for the thumbnails on the current page. The click-through functionality is implemented both in straight PHP and JavaScript, so that users with JavaScript turned off can still browse images.